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Democratic Party of Canada

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Democratic Party of Canada
Former federal party
LeaderWilliam Richard Nathaniel Smith
Foundedc. 1945
Dissolvedc. 1945

The Democratic Party of Canada was a short-lived political party in Canada. Its leader was William Richard Nathaniel Smith.

In the July 11, 1945 federal election, five candidates unsuccessfully sought election in ridings in Vancouver, British Columbia as Democratic Party candidates. Together, they won 2,603 votes, or 1.3% of the popular votes in the ridings in which they ran.

The Democratic Party campaigned under the slogans, "Vote Democrat and build an independent nation", and "Sincere determined men of action with the plans for a nation".

His brother, George Rayburn Johnson Smith, who played 2nd base for the 1926 British Columbia Champion Abbotsford Semi-Professional Baseball team garnered the most votes for this short-lived political party. "Mr. Smith believes, as Abraham Lincoln did, that Canada must become an INDEPENDENT NATION. He believes our future belongs in the same direction as the United States. Because of the past policies of other parties, Canada has been kept small. That was well proved at the San Francisco Conference. Canada, after all our work remained without a vote."

William Smith also ran as a Democratic Party of Canada candidate in the October 25, 1945 British Columbia provincial election in Vancouver-Point Grey riding, winning 423 votes, or 0.43% of the total.

1945 Federal election results
Name of candidate Riding # of votes % of popular vote
Broatch, Spencer Herbert New Westminster 315 0.7%
Parkin, Dave Bernard Vancouver—Burrard 246 0.6%
Smith, George Rayburn Vancouver South 920 1.9%
Smith, William Richard Nathaniel Vancouver Centre 393 1.2%
Wallace, William Nicholas Vancouver East 729 2.0%

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